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About the Egypt4Business Initiative:

The Egypt4Business Initiative is a strategic communications campaign aiming at; strengthening the "Egyptian Brand" in the U.S. as well as around the world, highlighting the potential of this huge market within different sectors and projecting the "Egypt Brand" as a brand that supports FDI through engagements with stakeholders and forging strategic partnerships.

AmCham member initiative are the cornerstone behind the success of this campaign; by telling their stories to the media; they are the best ambassadors for Egypt on the ground.

Media Coverage

Media reach out is the primary component of Egypt4Business Campaign. Through securing interviews for our members with U.S. and international media and pitching for stories and Op-Eds by members, we aim to highlight the potential of Egypt’s market, success stories of companies operating in Egypt as well as help build the ‘Egypt Brand’ as a brand that supports FDI through engagements with stakeholders and forging strategic partnerships.


Investing in the New Egypt Testimonials

AmCham-member companies are committed to Egypt; investing, producing, exporting and providing services as well as employing thousands of Egyptians. For the past few months, AmCham has been working on compiling video footage and testimonials from members who are able to tell their story on how they are supporting the economy, their size of investments, employment opportunities created and to affirm their trust in Egyptís potential. We at AmCham Egypt are proud of these videos and of our memberís commitment to Egypt.

    Ahmed El Sheikh

    NEA BU General Manager, Pepsi-Cola Egypt
    April 2017

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Social Media Coverage

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Egypt Investor Testimonials


IBM is proud of being an active player in the Egyptian market and of its contribution to the IT sector and to the Egyptian economy in its entirety, since its establishment in 1954. Beyond IBM's historical deep roots in Egypt, the company is particularly full of pride of capable team of Egypt's IBMers, of which 42% are under the age of 30 years. IBM is serving its customers across the globe through six centers of Excellence in Egypt that employ a sustainable pool of talented, technologically skilled, and multilingual graduates. Lately the company has chosen Egypt to be part of the "Digital Nation Africa", a new initiative where IBM has committed $70 million towards building much needed digital, cloud, and cognitive IT skills to help support a century workforce in Africa. Through more than 60 years in Egypt, IBM realizes the attractiveness of Egypt as a competitive sourcing destination; and supports the reform agenda in the country, believing that Egypt has all the potential to be a prime investment hub.

Dr. Amr S. Talaat, General Manager

MARS North Africa & The Levant

The Egyptian market is seen as a key part of the MARS global growth strategy as it is a regional hub with export potential to over 20 markets in the Middle East, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Europe at present. In the beginning of 2017, Mars Incorporated has taken the decision to grow Egypt into a global manufacturing and export hub. Our ambitious operations expansion plans in Egypt will see more than 750 Million Egyptian Pounds of fresh investments added to the country over the coming 18 months, taking the Company's investments in Egypt close to 2 Billion Egyptian Pounds. They are set to double our exports figure over the coming 2 years alone, with 80-90% of our additional installed capacity geared towards exports, planned to hit the bar of 100 Million US Dollars by end of 2018. Egypt is not only geographically well located, the country also has good transport links. It boasts a large number of sea ports, with the option of transshipment to ports on both, the Red and Mediterranean Seas. Egypt has a unique basket of trade agreements making it an attractive market for foreign investment.

Ahmed Seddik, General Manager, North Africa & Levant

Coca-Cola Egypt - Atlantic Industries

"We as a company have been in Egypt since 1942. We as a System together with our bottler proudly employ 10,000 people directly in Egypt. For every job we create, there are another 10 being created in our supply chain - so the multiplier effect becomes at least 100,000 people in total that are contributing to this vibrant and young economy. Our Cairo Concentrate Plant manufactures beverage base for 140 Coca-Cola products and export them to 46 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Asia with the value of $466M annually."

Robert Edwards, Coca-Cola Egypt General Manager

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