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Market Research

Market research involves examining new information and customers' opinions on products through focus groups, surveys, field tests, interviews, or observations conducted specifically for a product. Market research seeks to answer such questions as - What is happening in the market? What are the trends? Who are the competitors? How do consumers view the products? What are the consumer needs and are they being met?

Market Research Association
MRA is a self-managed, non-profit organization providing programs and services for members to enhance professional development, stay connected with the market research community, gain insight regarding industry trends, and network with researchers. Its membership includes 3,000 researchers.
A market intelligence company offering 160,000 market research reports from over 600 global publishers. Research specialists provide industry knowledge and help guide companies with unbiased and qualitative insights to suite individual needs. Specializes in new product trends and competitive analysis for new and existing markets.

Frost & Sullivan
Offers market research and growth consulting services. It covers 10 industries in 31 markets with 1,700 industry consultants including market analysts, technical analysts, and economists. Offers Growth Partnership Services and Growth Consulting to individual companies to help implement the market research analysis.

The Yankee Group
A technology research and consulting firm, offers counsel on the impact of connectivity on enterprises and consumers. It specializes in technologies effecting communication changes and industries affected by major transformations. Offers research, data, and consulting services.

Provides global business information combining independent data, analysis, and opinion in the Automotive, Consumer Goods, Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Logistics, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Retail, and Technology industries. Helps 6,000 leading companies make informed and operational decisions by providing corporate strategy and business planning, market and comparative intelligence, product development and commercialization, and targeting and influencing the market.

Specializing in corporate market research, combines collections from the major market research companies to offer 450,000 reports from over 120 global and regionally-focused publishers. Provides searching capabilities, finds accurate and targeted research, and business solutions from more than 700 industry segments.

Compiles online information for organizations seeking competitive advantages on business, science, engineering, finance, and law. Retrieve data from over 1.4 billion records of information on a wide range of industries.

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