Doorknock Mission to Washington, DC

AmCham Egypt
Doorknock Mission
March 11-16, 2018

The American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt (AmCham Egypt) promotes trade and investment between Egypt and the United States. Since 1981, AmCham Egypt has provided a forum for its members to identify and discuss the challenges facing the Egyptian private sector in an increasingly globalized economy, and to present the views of the business community to the Egyptian and U.S. governments.

AmCham Egypt understands the importance of continuous engagement with U.S. policy makers as a key ingredient for a healthy bilateral relationship. Both countries have many common interests and goals, including political stability, military partnership and regional peace. AmCham missions to Washington D.C. strive to emphasize the fact that these goals will be only bolstered through a healthy and dynamic bilateral commercial relationship.

The bilateral commercial relationship has always remained strong, primarily due to the vibrant business-to-business relationships and the opportunities that U.S. investors continue to see in Egypt, offering investors access to a young and dynamic domestic market, as well as competitive access to other markets of Europe and Africa through Egypt’s existing trade agreements.

During our March visit to Washington D.C., the AmCham Egypt delegation will highlight the progress of the economic reform measures undertaken by the government and their impact on businesses, share their perspective on issues of importance to the bilateral strategic relationship, clarify common misconceptions and discuss opportunities for engagement on a strategic level.