Doorknock Mission to Washington, DC

The American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt
Annual Doorknock Mission to the United States

(April 17-22, 2016)

WASHINGTON, D.C.:  A delegation of around 40 top-level executives representing businesses in Egypt will visit Washington, D.C. from April 17-22, 2016 for the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt’s (AmCham) Annual Doorknock Mission. Delegates, who are AmCham members, are scheduled to meet with members of the U.S. Congress, Administration officials, think tanks, media and leaders from the U.S. business community.

This visit comes just two weeks after Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) led a Congressional delegation to Egypt, the most populous country in the Middle East. As uncertainties prevail across the region, including the Islamic State (Daesh) and low oil prices, attention is focused on how Egypt is overcoming these challenges and strengthening its role as a steadfast U.S. partner in a tumultuous region.

On the economic level, Egypt has embarked on a series of reforms aimed at reducing the budget deficit, creating jobs and attracting foreign investment. The Government has successfully increased electricity production by 150%, decreased fuel subsidies, enhanced food supply and implemented policies to encourage private investment in renewables, such as the introduction of a feed-in tariff. The Government has also demonstrated its commitment to the political road map, by holding parliamentary elections as scheduled last December.

However, serious challenges do remain on the economic, security and social levels.

The private sector in Egypt, represented by the AmCham delegation, is dedicated to more fully integrate the country into the global economy. Towards this goal, the delegates are actively supporting the Government of Egypt’s efforts to develop policies to confront its immediate challenges - a process that requires the strong support of Egypt’s friends and allies. 

The AmCham delegation’s principal objective during this visit is to deepen understanding between the United States and Egypt and to expand private sector cooperation. The delegates will discuss specific actions both countries can take in order to enhance bilateral trade and investment.

The visit will include a breakfast event on April 18th hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, featuring the Governor of The Central Bank of Egypt, Tarek Amer. The event is open to members of the press.

“This year’s Doorknock mission comes at a critical time for both Egypt and the United States; where much attention is focused on how Egypt is overcoming its challenges and resuming its role as the most reliable U.S. partner in a tumultuous region particularly during this time of elections in the U.S. AmCham continues to play a role in bridging the gaps in understanding with Egypt’s different stakeholders in the U.S.” Anis Aclimandos, AmCham Egypt President.

“In spite of the challenges, Egypt’s private sector is committed to supporting the country’s economic transition. Members of our delegation are here to share their experiences and insights as well as convey a message of optimism for economic recovery and an enhanced relationship with the United States-Egypt’s long-time strategic alley and partner”; Hisham Fahmy, CEO, AmCham Egypt Inc.