Doorknock Mission to Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, D.C.:  A delegation comprising more than 40 members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt (AmCham Egypt) will be traveling to Washington DC during the week of June 23-27 for the 29th Annual Doorknock mission. Delegates are scheduled to meet with Members of Congress, Administration officials, think tanks, media and leaders from the business community.

This visit comes at an historic time, representing the first official visit by AmCham and members of the business community following Egypt’s Presidential Elections and the inauguration of President Sisi. Egypt’s leadership has expressed its full commitment to the continued advancement of its emerging democracy.آ  It will lead the country towards parliamentary elections in the fall and the subsequent codification of the principles enshrined within its recently approved Constitution.

Against this backdrop, on the economic front, foreign investment in Egyptian stocks and in private companies has increased in recent months, buoyed by optimism that security and stability will soon prevail. In spite of many challenges, Egypt’s private sector is eager to bring Egypt more fully into the global economy, and will work with the new presidential administration to help develop policies that accomplish this goal.

The AmCham delegation representing the leadership of the country’s private sector will be here to highlight some recent reforms that are likely to impact the U.S.-Egypt trade and investment relationship. CEOs and top-level executives of major companies representing Egypt’s diverse sectors, including banking and finance, capital market, technology, energy, tourism and agriculture, among other, will be reporting on the progress within these sectors. They will highlight opportunities for U.S. engagement as well as address ways in which Egypt and the United States can leverage their strategic relationship to create an environment conducive to economic development.آ  At the same time, they will examine specific policies both governments can enact to enhance bilateral trade and promote U.S. investments in Egypt.

“This is a very important mission for AmCham Egypt. Egypt is embarking on a new era and opportunities for U.S. companies in Egypt are huge. We are here to underscore the importance of a healthy and dynamic bilateral commercial relationship between both countries,” says Anis Aclimandos, AmCham President.

Hisham Fahmy, CEO, AmCham Egypt, adds, “Egypt’s private sector is committed more than ever to support the country’s economic transition. Members of our delegation are here to share their successes and convey a message of optimism for economic recovery and an enhanced relationship with the United States - Egypt’s long-time strategic ally and partner.”